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What is MoneyMail

MoneyMail is a unique concept in which you get paid for reading emails and refering your friends. You need to login to your account everyday, check your MoneyMails sent by our advertisers and earn money.

My Email Inbox will be full with spam

We don't send advertisement emails to your personal email account, rather you need to visit daily to check your paid emails.

How much I will earn

You will get daily upto 5 emails, it may be less or more depending upon advertisement with us on a particular day. You will get Rs 0.10 to Rs 5.00 for one mail. Also you will get Rs. 100 for each friend you refer to will get paid upto 10 levels for every member that join in your downline.

How I can earn more monthly

It's true that by reading mails for just 20 paisa no one can make good income monthly. But it can be true for you, just pay attention to Extra Income Offer that we send with many mails. You should always see bottom of each email for extra income offer. You can earn from Rs 1 to Rs 5 for a single email if your participate in that offer. Also you should advertise your referral url on social netwoking websites like google plus and facebook chat programs like google talk and msn, classifieds website like and olx. This will help you to get peoples in your downline and you will get good referal income.You get Rs 100 per joining. If you follow these methods you will be able to earn good income monthly.

How often do I get Paid?

We pay our members weekly. If you place a payment request today you will get payment within a week time. Our mode of payment is via online transfer . There will be 10% deduction for payment processing for account having PAN Card and 20% for account without valid PAN Card.

What I have to do?

You need to login to your MoneyMail account daily and click on My Inbox to check the advertisement emails that we send to your MoneyMail Inbox. You can refer your friends/relatives to and earn Rs 1 or Rs 2 for each friend.You will get referral url/link that you can send in email to your friends.

How to invite friends?

We provide you many promotional tools to invite friends. To get your promotion tools just login to your account on and click on Invite Friends.

How many friends I can invite?

There is no limit, you can refer as many as you want. You should not register members from your own computer. Only one member is allowed per machine, if more then one members are found from same machine all such accounts will be treated as fake and will be cancelled immediately. There will be no payout/credit for fake members. Our auto detection tool will cancel any credit for free members joined from same computer/ip.


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