Spending just 15 minutes daily can make you
Unlimited income per month
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Latest payout released for members: Ravi Kumar(208469), P.Venkataramaiah(4713), SYED AKRAM(196346), Shankar Mani(172508),Ranjan Kumar Sahoo (290471)Vishal Singh(177623), Sanjeev(176761),Manvir (139389), Shankar(142912), MUKESH PANDIT(134639), PRASH

Get Paid to Read Emails ?
Do you want extra income ? If Yes! Then you are at right place. MoneyMail gives you opportunity to make extra money by working from home or cyber cafe. Spending just 15 minutes daily can make you earn unlimited income monthly. No long hour works needed .

How it works?
MoneyMail concept is very simple you get paid for reading emails and refering other friends/relative to MoneyMail website.You get payments for reading emails and refering your friends and relative to moneymail.

You can earn from Rs 0.20 to Rs 200.00 (extra income offer with email) for every email you get. We don't send promotional mail to your email address instead you just need to login daily to and read mail in your inbox after login.

We pay you upto 10 levels for any new member that join your downline like you get Rs 100 for any member refered by you directly and if your friends refer any member then you will get Rs 50 for the same. MoneyMail even pays you when you are not working don't wait see the income plan below and join now. See our Business Plan for details

Money Back Gurrantee : If you don't like the concept , you can ask for refund of membership fees paid with in 15 days of joining. We will refund fees paid after deducting 10% procesing charge. You will not find any website offering such money back gurrantee.

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Your Benefits for Joining Membership Types
 Earn as much as you can.
  No Prior Experience Required.
 Work AnyTime from anywhere in the world.
  Flexible Payment Options.
 Check your income and payout details online 24x7.
  Payment Guarantee.
 Low registration Fees- Just Rs 575 for 1 year membership
 Just read mail , refere friends and get regular income.
       Paid Members
 Joining Fees : Rs 575 - Valid for One Year
  Daily Emails : Upto 10
 Network Email Reading Income upto 10 Levels
 Network Joining Income upto 10 Levels
 Income Per Free Member : Rs 5.00 (Self Joined)
 For every 100 free members 1 paid joining required
 Minimum Payout : Rs 500
 Payout Cycle : Weekly
       Free Members
 Joining Fees : Free
  Daily Emails : Upto 10
 No Network Email Reading Income
 No Netwrok Joining Income
 Income Per Free Member : Rs 1.00
 For every 500 free members 1 paid joining required
 Minimum Payout : Rs 1000
 Payout Cycle : Monthly
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